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Project Designing for Specific Users

Group 10

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This report outlines the decisions made and steps followed throughout the codesign process in the project Designing for Specific Users. The purpose of this project was to tackle a challenge being faced by an extreme user who is limited by a certain condition that prevents them from performing activities in the same manner that the average person would. The user with which this project was conducted suffers from a condition called Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy which only allows them to see 5% focus compared to a healthy sighted person. Throughout this report one challenge faced by this user on a daily basis is confronted and a solution is found through different codesign methods.

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Industrial Design Bachelor Program, University of Twente, 2022

Design Challenge

To design an assistive technology that aids the visually impaired community in being able to take quick notes on the spot and set themselves to do’s that can be efficiently placed in categories customisable to the user’s lifestyle and found back without visual feedback.

Our Team.

Project coordinators: Jelle van Dijk, Eva Blokhuis and Niels van Huizen

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